Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Light #01
I found this book a fabulous and captivating read. A new author to me and a great find.

This book is from the acclaimed author of "Voyageurs" and "The Sea Road". It will appeal to readers of historical fiction and fans of Elphinstone. The author has published eight novels and is firmly established as a writer of superb historical fiction.May, 1831, and on a tiny island off the Isle of Man, a lighthouse provides a harsh living for an unusual family. Lucy and Diya, husbandless and with three children between them, watch over the ancienmodernising the nation's lighthouses, and Ellan Bride - and the future of the family - are under threat. When two surveyors arrive to assess the light, tension escalates to danger point.

Thursday, 15 December 2011



I watched this film at The white river cinema yesterday, it was a delight and I would recommend watching it to all of you. I dislike Hollywood blockbusters and this is certainly not one of those.