Sunday, 22 January 2012


A black-and-white study of a social environment in London, concentrating on a pair of 

unlikely new friends and the girl they both fancy.

This was good story well told I enjoyed it very much.


  1. This is one I mean to watch once I've caught up on The Killing series 1! Am also enjoying Borgen. I want to see Meryl Streep as Thatcher and Corialanus has also got excellent reviews. I believe the book War Horse is better than the film. As you said, so many books, films, so little time!

  2. Yvonne: Like you I believe that War Horse will be a disappointment after the book so will not bother to go and see it. Haven't seen The Killing or Borgen yet so I guess the box sets might be the way forward with these.

    1. Box sets for The Killing 1 + 2 keep coming down in price...strongly recommend. You could catch up with Borgen on i player now as there have only been about 6 episodes or so and it's still running.
      Listened to Lucy Wood on Radio 4 extra this am. She has signed a contract with Bloomsbury. (Bude girl, same age as my Sam). If she can do it, so can we!

  3. Yvonne: I used to know a Lucy Wood of Bude she must be about 25 now off to listen on iplayer!

  4. i am always happy to find a film i enjoy. i love your header picture....they are very cool looking animals. i am a lover of all thing purple ;))))

  5. Maria:I rented this one and can't remember why so it was a surprise might be politely surprised too.

  6. Debbie: I liked my header photo these sheep were so cool they deserved recognition! Welcome here. :)